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Admission Management

Easy to use UI (User Interface) of this software let manage all admission related entries like student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, canceling the admission, issue of transfer certificate and many others in a problem free way

Student Management

Dedicated features of this School management System help to keep eagle eye watch on students’ activities and their performance. Detailed report cards could either be generated class-wise or individually.

Attendence Management

This software also allows tracking the attendance of students, staff & teachers. Reports cards can either be generated by their name, category or class. Even staff wise reports are possible.
Primacy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is always committed to ensure the services for its clients. To ensure the services Primacy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has a very strong support team. And as we treat your institution with great value, we have planned to build up a team which always engages in ensuring the services in your institution without any inconvenience.

Primacy Infotech d.alertTM Support

Management Team

Management Team:

A director with his team will always monitor the activities of the support team to ensure the services to its optimum level. And also take quick steps for any kind of inconvenience. If your institution suggest us for any kind of activities which it may think will give the institution better service, Primacy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. will do that in a very priority basis.
Operational Team

Investigation Team:

An investigation team will always monitor the activities of the services. It will investigate the operating team activities in each campus every day to make sure that the entire operation is going in proper order and there is no scope to make any kind of mistakes in anyway. It will report to the higher authority of its daily activities.

Operational Team:

The operation team will be highly trained to ensure the services. The team will operate the services in your institution’s every campus. There will be a backup team also. If it happens that any of the members of the team is unable to run the service, the backup team will run the service without any inconvenience.
Investigation Team

Support Team:

Support Team is designed in two parts to ensure the best service in your institution.

Development team:
A development team will always ready to develop any kinds of customize development of d.alert for your institution. The team always works for More…

Support Team

d.alertTM activated Major Institutional Information

Rajshahi College

Shaheb Bazar, Rajshahi

Md. Mohiuddin

Contact Person, Convener, d.alertTM Committee

01714 232 236


Number of Students

January, 2014

Service Starts From

Education Board Model School & College

Shalbagan, Rajshahi

Md. Abdul Goni

Contact Person, Convener, d.alertTM Committee

01714 232 236


Number of Students

June, 2013

Service Starts From

Rajshahi Model School & College

Kazihata, Rajshahi

Md. Ahmed Hossain

Contact Person, Convener, d.alertTM Committee

01717 507 235


Number of Students

June, 2013

Service Starts From

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